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Moisture and Humidity simulation

Hi Guys,

I am trying to simulate the ice formation on a sample when a very cold fluid (Nitrogen) is sprayed on it through a nozzle. I know for this problem I need to use a multiphase simulation. However, my main obstacle is how to model the moisture and humidity?
Can somebody please help me with a detailed description of how to set up the model.

Hi @mcknight,

I’m not sure if phase changes are possible. @jousefm is there such a way to simulate this directly?



Hi @Get_Barried,

Thanks for your response.
Maybe not model the phase change directly, but the correct boundary conditions and set up for such a simulation. I imagine the humidity of the environment should be taken into account and I would like to know how to apply this to the modelling.
However, if there is a direct way to model this I would appreciate if you can share @jousefm.


Hi @mcknight!

There is no option available yet that can take into account phase change or as you like moisture/humidity effects. I would recommend posting your query into our Vote For Features section in any case to see if anybody else is interested in this feature - according to the votes we prioritize the queries.

Let us know if you have any further questions.