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I want to simulate the damping of Rotating body which is acted upon by a torque.The body is underwater.I have no idea how to simulate such a system,also i want to know the pressure acting on certain parts of the body.Kindly tell me which module should i use.


At first glance that sounds like a FSI (Fluid-Structure Interaction) problem to me. Idea: Create a cylinder in your CAD software around your body which will then be used as a MRF inside of SimScale. The material chosen in the incompressible solver module will be water so that the component is submerged - then you could theoretically export the pressure/viscous forces in form of a xlsx file and use these data for a FEM analysis (note that FSI is not yet possible on our platform). @power_users , any ideas from your side here? Maybe I went all in here :thinking:

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Thank you for the idea.I was thinking the same but as far as i know incompressible module in simscale has the body fixed. So in that case i wont be able to simulate as the pressure on the body is due to it’s motion inside water.Correct me if i am wrong.