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Modelling Centrifugal Fan doesn't seem to rotate

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    Model a centrifugal fan and the airflow through a fan shroud to analyze airflow around a 3D Printer nozzle.

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    I’m looking into modelling a centrifugal fan with my fan duct however it seems like my rotating zones isn’t actually rotating and the air flow is just following the fan blades. One thing I can think of is my rotating zone is donut instead of a cylinder. Also should I assign the rotating zone a material (air)? I don’t think it’s rotating because I expect the outer edges of the fan to have a higher velocity but it seems like the opposite is true.

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    Simulation: ShroudRevB-V5


Hi @4nthonylin: After a quick look I see no obvious defect in your simulation. You have air inlet at 4 m/s, MRF rotation (fan) is -200 rad/s, so those speeds match.

You can, as a test, set rotations to 0 rad/s and spot differences in forces and moments…

Next test would be to set inlet BC to ‘Zero gradient’(Custom) and keep the rotation of MRF.

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