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Modelling a fluid filled cavity in FEA

I’m trying to model a silicon rubber capsule containing an concentric embedded sealed cavity filled with a fluid - probably an oil or gel as yet undetermined - around a silicone rubber core. The core also has a sealed air pocket that is constrained on one side only by a very thin later of silicon rubber.

I’m trying to analyse the overall deformation and the ballooning of the thin layer when a force is applied to an area on the outside of the capsule.

I’ve created a 1/4 model in Onshape and imported that but I’m having difficulty determining how to set the material properties of the internal fluid. I’ve modelled the air-filled cavity and the external air pressure using just simple pressures at 100kPa.

Suggestions please.

Project link:

Hi @Irving,

I just took a look at the project - modelling the fluid in this context is not yet supported on SimScale as we don’t have viscous material models.

You can help us prioritize this feature by adding a request in the Vote for Features category.