Model offset from wall of flow volume

I am trying to import an STL file from solidworks into edit cad mode but when I create a flow volume, the model is offset from the flow volume wall by a random amount. The screenshot shows the offset produced. I want the model and flow volume to be touching on the root chord face of the wing. How can I get the model to touch the flow volume correctly.

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If your model comes from Solidworks, you can upload natively without the need to convert to STL, and SimScale will convert it directly.

Now, I think that this should not be the cause for the behavior that you describe. Can you please share the URL to your project so I can have a look at it?

The link of the project is: 50 aoa, 55 sweep | SimScale Workbench
Thank you for you help!

Hi again!

When you create flow volume, you should adjust the box dimensions parameters to make the region as you desire:

Please raise the Z min parameter to get rid of the gap. Also, you can check the geometry bounding box information to help you find the proper value for this parameter:


Do not enter the same value, but increase it just a little bit to create a small interference and have the best results.

Thank you, that has solved the issue.

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I am glad that it worked! Please do not forget to mark the Solution in my reply.