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Mixer/ Propellor

I looking for example of heavy-duty industrial mixer/ propellor in tank.


Hi @daniel11,

you could have a look at the Public Projects and look for projects that meet your requirements.

If you have questions concerning the simulation setup per se or any other concerns, please let me know.

Happy SimScaling!


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If the rotor connected to motor, how we can insert it to the model?

Another question:
Where we define the density of the material around the rotor? (Air, Water, …)

Hello @daniel11,

I saw that you copied the rotor project of @rszoeke which is focused on a harmonic analysis. Are you interested in a flow analysis of the rotor? If so your simulation domain will not be the rotor but the fluid e.g. air around the rotor. You can create this by either

  • Using the hex-dominant mesh operation for external aerodynamics / wind tunnel
  • Using the hex-dominant parametric (placing the material point outside of the rotor)
  • Creating the outer domain (often a box) in your CAD tool and cutting out the rotor --> then you can use the hex-dominant automatic or tet-dominant mesh operation.

Best Alex

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I wan’t to make similation about on the rotor stress, in spcific fliud.
Do you have example?

Hey @daniel11,

There are many projects of blades, pumps etc. with rotational motion that can help you. In order to be able to really support you on your project or send a suitable example, it needs a detailed description of your application. Do you have a description of your setup, geometry, physics + the desired outcome? Simulation on rotor stress could mean really a lot of different cases.

Best Alex

I have project in my library: Mixer agitator
I wan’t to make stress analysis
There are specific fluid in thr tank.