Meshing Problem


I have been doing the Convergence Analysis Exercise of the SimScale Professional Training Structural Mechanics/FEA program. While conducting the mesh at a midway of the operation a error message is shown stated that the geometry isn’t imported but both the geometries have been provided in the exercise initially. For this reason I am actually stuck and can’t go further and complete the exercise.

Tasdid Redwan Pranto


Hi Tasdid (@redwanpranto15 )!

Is your project set to private because I cannot open it? Tell me when you changed the privacy settings - will have a look at it then.




I have changed the privacy settings to public

Tasdid Redwan Pranto


Hi @redwanpranto15 and sorry for the delay in my response!

I re-imported your geometry as a STEP file and added another configuration with a radius because you have to take care of too high stresses caused by singularities. I have shared the new project with two meshes to continue with your study.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions.




Thanks :slight_smile: