Meshing issues for f1 in schools

Hi! I am a student learning simscale for f1 in schools, and I am trying to setup my first simulation with my own car design, however every time i attempt to create a mesh, I receive the error โ€™ * One or more cell zones do not intersect the flow region or the intersection results in a non-solid body. Cell zones must overlap with the flow region.โ€™.

If anyone knows a fix for this, it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

here is the project:

Hi and welcome to the forum!

What are you trying to achieve with the momentum source? The inlet speed should be enough to create the airflow.

Hi, it was because when I was trying to create mesh it said i needed an advanced condition for all but one object, and that seemed like the condition that fit best

That is not correct. Please follow the guidelines given in this tutorial:


I have followed that tutorial already, with the exception of using the symmetry tool as I am processing the whole car in one go, is there anything I may have missed?

PS: thank you for your quick responses, it is very helpful :slight_smile:

You are welcome!

I invite you to analyse the tutorial deeper and apply the principles to your case, because I can see it is very different.

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Hi, I have followed the tutorial as closely as possible, the only changes being the wheels not rotating (as our model will be mostly fixed), and simulating the whole model instead of 1/2, however I now get the error โ€˜The physics can not be taken into account as the simulation setup is not valid. Complete your simulation setup before generating the mesh in order to optimize the mesh for your application.โ€™

If i diagnose the issue, it says โ€˜A setup with 2 regions is being used in a single-region analysis type. Please make sure that all regions except for one have an Advanced Concept assigned to them.โ€™

Do you know how this could be fixed, thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

Well, I can see that you did not delete the solid part from the model. The error is very self-explanatory: you can have only one region in the mesh.

Ah, sorry I hadnโ€™t realised I had to delete both car bodies, I thought it was only the first one, my bad :sweat_smile:

Hey there!

Any luck with your simulation?

Please let me know if it was successful or if you need further assistance.

Hi! Itโ€™s been gong better, however it seems to be struggling with the fineness of the model, I have tried scaling it up and reducing the minimum edge length / refinement, but to no avail, it seems to get to around 70% before failing, do you know of a solution?

Hey again!

I see this error:

The mesh could not be generated as the mesh sizing is too fine. Please inspect your settings and try to reduce the fineness of your mesh or your refinement size.

It means that you need to reduce the mesh size. For this, I will suggest you to use only half of your model, as done in the tutorial:

If you are going to be into it, I also suggest you to increase the sizer of the flow region, specially to the back of the vehicle. In the tutorial you will also find the recommended proportions for such analysis.

Thanks, Iโ€™ll try that, the only issue i can think of is that I need to test the flow along the top of the car, in the preview will this be possible, or only on one half of it?

In the online post-processor, you will only be able to see the half you model.

If you need to visualize the whole car, that is, to mirror the results, then I would suggest you to download the results and use a local tool such as Paraview.

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Hi, Thanks for all the help, I finally got it working! I realised I had misread Minimum edge length, when it was actually maximum edge length, causing it to have a tiny mesh, causing the issue.

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Thank you a lot for sharing the tutorial, ggiraldof.

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My son is studying at, but heโ€™s also a great fan of modeling. You know, my first specialization is aircraft engineering, thatโ€™s why my son asked me for help with his car model. He says that the tutorial has greatly helped him. Thank you very much! Tbh, I highly appreciate everything you do. Due to your tutorials, articles, and general support, studying has become really easy. Thanks a lot for your help. Keep the topic updated. Best wishes.