Meshing error

Hello everyone,
I’m having some problems with the mesh generation.
Here is the link to my project: SimScale
The mistake “The mesh could not be generated. Increasing the mesh fineness or adding local refinements to geometrical details potentially fixes this issue. Please contact our support for further assistance.” is displayed for my “test carrosserie pour simu” simulation even though I managed to generate my meshes for all the components of this CAD apart from the other simulations of the same project.
Do you have any idea why this does not work?
Thank you very much

Hi johan02,

The reason for this error is mostly related to bad CAD import.
Bad CAD is related to things like small faces/details, comparing to the overall CAD size.
To resolve this we suggest to further defeature the Geometry. However, the line for this is not pretty clear and strict, since there are a lot of parameters to be taken into account.
I would always suggest starting as undetailed as possible and getting a good model running. Form here a study can be done with a further level of detail, to see the deviation in results form the coarse case.
So in your case please check weather you have some other details then in the succeeding run.

Best regards

Hi SBlock

Thanks for your answer, is it possible to know where is the small faces to remove?

Have a good day