Meshing error

Hi,I’m trying to create a mesh using hex-dominant parametric method,but it fails again and again and keeps suggesting me " Increasing the mesh fineness or adding local refinements to geometrical details"
.I have tried increasing the refinement level.The CAD itself is also checked and exported through CAD mode.

The failed mesh is in “Incompressible 15”

Hello omgitstaiwanes,

thanks for reaching out to us here in the forum.

Most of the time, when we try to mesh more complex geometries with the hex parametric meshes some small CAD issue can relate to these errors.

What I would suggest I trying to create a mesh-like in this tutorial.

This will ensure that a mesh can be generated for the CAD Model.

Once this is done you can continue to create a mesh using the hex parametric automatic meshing algorithm.

Best regards