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Mesh refinement region


I am trying to run a very simplified case of a bluff body incompressible.

The problem that I am facing is that I am not able to generate properly a mesh refined around my geometry.
There are 2 projects, one called NACA, which shows exactly the mesh that I am looking for and another project called Bluff, where I cannot achieve that whole refinement.

Can someone help me achieve the desired mesh (similar to the NACA project)?


Hey there!

To learn how to create mesh refinements, in this case region refinements, please refer to the following documentation:


Sorry but I have already read that documentation. It is too general and basic and does not solve my problem.
I was asking for something more specific in regards to the parameters that I need to adjust to obtain such result.


Hi Sebastian here,

when you look at the mesh settings for the NACA case, you find these refinement settings.

When you apply these principles to the bluff body case you should get the “same” mesh.

Hi Sebastian,

Yes, I know. I have tried, but maybe the numerical parameters are not properly adjusted. Can you see that the result is different although I copy the same settings?


Hey Lore,

I am sorry to let you know that this is a current, known bug in the meshing component.

The fix is already underway and should be live in the following days.