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Mesh problem

Dear Users,

I am trying to simulate a FSAE car and some problems occured. Altough the geometry is imperfect (everything is made as one piece) I think that some simulation could be run. I set mesh according to instructions given in webinar and after just few seconds of simulation I get an error.

Could you please inspect what is wrong? And I have a question ragarding the meshing log. Why it does not display anything after failed simulation? Therefore I am without a clue what went wrong.


Best regards

Hi @sengineering!

In order to have a look at your project it has to be set to public. If the car is just one solid make sure you split the faces otherwise the mesher is going to have a bad time and you probably won’t get any results at all also regarding the boundary layer as well as the drag values etc.

Cheers and all the best!


Now it is set to public. I tried with split geometry but it failed.

Hi @sengineering,

thanks for sharing your project and explaining the issue. We are currently looking into it. Does seem it is an issue on our end e.g. not geometry model or setup related.

Best Alex

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Any update from your side?