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Mesh-problem in a Vortex_chamber:


Hey there :slightly_smiling_face:

I am student who is working on a project where I have to detective flow through a vortex Chamber. I have til now simulated how the flow is gonna act when the vortex chamber is “closed”.

I have generated the vortex chamber and that works perfectly in SimScale. I can see the flow which is great. But now I have to fit a stick through the chamber (because I want more vortex) and here it creates a problem for me. I have tried differens thing, but I dont know how I am gonna put the stick between the walls of the chamber.

I made the 3D drawing in fashion 360, but then SimScale had problems “mashing” the system.

Here is the link to the project that I am working on:


It seems that in your CAD model you have directly modeled the flow region rather than modelling the solid region and using simscale to invert it. In keeping with this, If you want to now place a ‘stick’ between the walls of the chamber, then go back to your CAD software and remove the corresponding material from the model so that you have an empty cylindrical void where the stick should be and then re-import the CAD model into simscale.

Note, a profile with sharp edges such as a square is better for creating vortexes and turbulence