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Mesh operation failing for cone-shaped object with no Meshing Log

In my project I am trying to simulate supersonic airflow around an object. Right now I’m trying to create a mesh for a cone-shaped object, and the mesh operation is failing. After the meshing operation fails there is no Meshing Log, and there are no entries in the “Mesh Operation Event Log” table. I’m guessing the problem is something simple, but I need help in figuring out what it is.

Here is a link to my project, the mesh that is failing is “Cone”:

hi, @tryabin, just had a quick look. I’ll look properly later but from my initial inspection, there are 3 faces. One face is the base of the cone, another is the outside of the cone… where is the third? You may have to clean this geometry… was it imported?

I’ll look at this properly when I’m home and run a mesh

Kind regards,
Darren Lynch

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Hi @tryabin,

You have given vary high number of discrimination points so your mesh size is going to be huge. You are using 4 core machine which cannot handle that big mesh size. Even on the 32 core the mesh might fail because your mesh size will be more than 30 million according to your current mesh parameters. Try reducing number of mesh point in the bounding box and it will work fine. Your geometry is ok so there shouldn’t be any problem in meshing. Cheers.


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The third face is at the tip of the cone and is a very small circle. I did import the geometry as a STEP file.

I’ll try building the mesh with a 32 core machine to see if that makes a difference.

Increasing the number of cores to 32 caused the mesh operation to complete successfully, thanks.

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