Mesh is not OK

I’m trying to mesh the geometry of Formula Student car, but I get mesh is not OK when the mesh operation has finished. I’m getting started with openFoam, so I don’t really know what can be wrong.
I leave the link to the proyect:

Many thanks!

Hi @mlino!

Here you can have a look at two different approaches I made - one with the normal “wind tunnel meshing” and the other one with the parametric option. Alternatively I have set up another one with very fine mesh which was not submitted by me. I would recommend that you use the parametric Mesh. I have corrected the “error” at the rear tires that have been coarse applying a surface refinement (you can see that as the last refinement in the corresponding section).

Link: Project mlino

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Happy SimScaling!


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Thank you very much!
Now working

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