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Mesh failure

Hi anyone,

Im not an expert in FEA/CFD but “get by”. However I have a meshing failure in simscale which I cant find an answer for. The project is here…

I can mesh it in abaqus though which does it fairly quickly. Im curious why simscale needs a long time as well.

Many thanks in advance,


Hi Martin!

I saw that you have successfully finished the mesh. About the speed: Abaqus runs the mesh locally on your machine whereas the computation performed on SimScale are redirected to a server which intrinsically takes a bit more time as information need to be sent, received and also processed.

Regarding your project, I would rather use pressure outlet conditions than velocity inlet/velocity outlet combinations due to continuity related problems that will occur and can cause the simulation to fail.

Let me know if you need a helping hand or have any further questions.



Hi Jousef,

Yes I did manage it in the end thanks. Ok makes sense on the speed thanks for the info!

Im trying to model airflow through a lab with inlets and outlets (as you see) and recirculating fumehoods with top inlet and front outlet. In practice these will all be set as air flow rate…how would setting as pressure work and still be relevant?

Many thanks!


Awesome Martin!

What you can do is to prescribe a defined volumetric flow rate in \frac{m^3}{s}. We have some very good template covering this topic, for example this one right here: HVAC Simulation of a theater.