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Maximum Runtime vs Computational Quota


was trying to perform a CFD analysis on SIM SCALE, but it showed this error of "limited computational hours. Please resolve this matter as i need to do practice this before i deliver the workshops.


Hi @mobaidullah!

You would need more core hours - @CFD-SQUAD, can you help out our user and make suggestions on how he could optimize his simulation in terms of refinements etc.?




Hey there,

Airplane meshes tend to be quite big due to the amount of details and the overall size of the meshing box. There are some things you can do though. It’s not possible to tell from the picture, but are you planning to set up a symmetry boundary condition? By doing so, you can work with half of your model, which would save you quite a lot of computing time.
Would it be possible to link your project here for us to take a closer look?



I would suggest to use half model (symmetry) instead of full model and proceed mesh afterwards. I believe in that case you can reduce the computational run time.