Maximum Runtime (30,000 s) in SimScale for Transient Simulation

Hello everyone, I want to ask about the SimScale limit in maximum runtime of 30,000 s.

This limitation gives no problem to steady-state simulation because the run can be continued at any time when the maximum runtime is reached. However, for transient simulation (multiphase) the run can not be continued and usually, it takes about 2-3 days so the maximum runtime of 30,000 s is not enough. Are there any suggestions for running the transient simulation? Should I run it on steady-state (but so far I know the multiphase solver must be in transient)? Or should I use lower quality meshes and a higher tolerance for convergence speed? Thank you.

Could you maybe share your project as a reference? Then we can then have a look at it and make suggestions because 2-3 days sounds suspicious at first glance (depends on the type of simulation though).

And run continuation can only be used for steady-state runs!



Hello, my project link is here I tried to simulate the fluid flow inside a tank with an impeller (however this was before the maximum runtime limit). I used the multiphase solver for this analysis with a fluid mixture of water and air. I also used the MRF for the rotating impeller. The simulation took 1,970 minutes to run (32.83 hours) and the maximum runtime of 30,000 s would not be enough.

Any resolution to this issue. I have the same problem.

CFD SQUAD, could you help out our users @evangradyw & @mas985 here and run the simulations for them? :wink:

Much appreciated :v: