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Maximum Number of Iterations: CHT

I am new to SimScale and I am trying my first project. I am trying to simulate a convectional dryer that uses water at 180 F as a heat transfer and trying to see the thermal effects of each layer of the dryer. Air is contained on the inside of the chamber as well. So far I have all check marks on the tree but when I run the simulation I receive the “Max # of Iterations” flag. I’m not quite sure what to do at this point.

Give me some time to investigate this @dnlrosenfeld! Also tagging our experts, the @cfd_squad here in case someone wants to jump in.



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Your mesh is not very fine compared to the small thickness of the layers and this could be causing the problem. You will need a very fine mesh for this simulation and will need to use mesh refinements to increase the mesh fineness of the screw. I am not entirely sure how the device you are simulating operates, but if you can reasonably avoid meshing the screw then do so, it will save you a big head ache!

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