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Good afternoon

I am a relative beginner when it comes to simulation so please be gentle.

The project that I am working on, Unit Air Passage needs to show me the maximum air flow of the model and where the worst areas of pressure drop are.

The specifics that I know are:
100 l/s of air at the inlet and a maximum permissible pressure drop of 250 Pascals.

I have already run a simulation which shows the airflow at 100l/s at the inlet with a velocity of 16.9m/s (this coming from (0.1m^3/s)/(0.005917m^2)).

Can anyone help me with figuring out what I need to do to determine my answers.

Many Thanks

Hi @pbarker!

Interesting CAD geometry you have there - very interested in the outcome :slight_smile: I would say that you could use contour plots and slices for the velocity as well as the pressure to make some first assumptions based on those filters. The LIC filter (offline Paraview) could be used to identify recirculation zones more specifically. @Get_Barried & @vgon_alves, any other ideas from you?



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Hi @pbarker,

No worries! We all here to learn and help as best as we can!

What Jousef has mentioned is correct. You would want to have a pressure slice across the geometry at the post-processing stage to see where there are areas where there are large pressure gradients that may indicate a pressure drop.

This can be done under the post-processing tab or offline in ParaView.

Areas where there are significant pressure gradients will need investigating and likely a modification of geometry in order to reduce these effects.

Hope this helps!