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Material Assignment query


Hello sir. I had a doubt regarding material assignment in static structural analysis. I had assigned aluminium material but was not able to specify tensile yield and tensile ultimate strength for the same. When I solved the analysis results were obtained but how can I sure that mechanical properties of assigned material are same as my design consideration?


Hi @vborkar
I suggest you to kindly go through the following documentations for better understanding the material properties.

Hope, you will get the answer of your question.



The software calculates deformation and stress according to young’s modulus i.e. prior to yield and so yield strength and UTS are NOT used by the software. You use them manually when you check your results to make sure your stresses are acceptable. The software does not model yield or failure. Even if yield strength is passed, the software keeps assuming the same modulus as it does not know what the yield stress is or what the post yield behavior of the material is. This is normally fine as we are mostly interested in designing parts that do not reach the point of yield.

If you DO need to model the stress post yield, you can choose a dynamic study and under materials choose plastic and fill in the rest of the variables. This lets you choose a variable young’s modulus to imitate the variation that occurs post yield. For the large majority of cases this is not necessary. Note that even when performing a dynamic study, yield is not really modeled i.e. if you simulate the application and then removal of a force, the part will not experience permanent deformation.


Thank you sir! This will help.