Mass flow rate through porous media



I am currently trying to run a full car simulation with a porous media radiator. My mesh and simulation seemed to work okay but i can’t seem to find a way to find mass flow rate through the porous media. I have tried to use a result control using: surface data -> area integral -> selecting radiator surface, but i got an error during the simulation (fcrad1 -> run 2). without this result control item, the simulation runs fine (fcrad1 -> run 1).

Is there a way to figure out mass flow rate through the radiator porous media?

here is the link:



Hi @robrobson12!

Usually this is the right approach. Having a look at your project and tagging the @PowerUsers_CFD here to jump in if some of them notices the mistake.




Hi @robrobson12,

Have you tried to download the data and do the post-processing on Paraview? This forum post should allow you to deduce your mass flow rate.




I haven’t tried using paraview, but i will have a crack at it and see if I can figure it out.