'manta bot' simulation project by venkatateja


I created a new simulation project called 'manta bot':

cfd analysis

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Hey @venkatateja, are you getting the results as expected? Anything I can help with?


@sijia Im not completely aware of how to do the external flow on my model. I’ve followed a video on youtube,but still I’m not completely clear on how to get the results. It would be a great help if i can know how to do the external flow with the desired results. I need to know the pressure acting on the model and the stream line flow on the model for a given velocity.


Hi @venkatateja - awesome project, the Manta model is great! To me this looks like a completed project, so do you still have questions regarding the general simulation process on SimScale?

A few things that I noted during checking your project: I’d significantly increase the domain size around the manta. The reason is that if the walls of the flow domain around the object are too close to the object, they significantly impact the flow field that’s evolving around the object. So if you look e.g. at the pressure field around the manta:

Can you see that the pressure around the stagnation point at the tip of the manta significantly interacts with the inlet of the flow domain? You’d see the same effect at the sides of the domain. So I’d increase the “Water tunnel” size significantly.

Other than that, did you chose to run this simulation laminar on purpose? I didn’t do the Reynolds number calculation, but I’d suspect a turbulent flow regime here, what do you think?