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'MackBumper' simulation project by mreimer


I created a new simulation project called 'MackBumper':

Bumber for Mack Semi

More of my public projects can be found here.


Hi @mreimer!

Cool project! Are you going to build this bumper? Just out of curiosity :wink:




Parts are ordered. Should be welding it up in a few days. Sim Scale is awesome thanks!


So cool @mreimer! Are you going to write a blog about it or document it somewhere? Would love to share your hard work with the community in our Project Spotlight section. The more information and pictures the better :wink:

All the best!



For you guys I will. I am so impressed and grateful for the community access option. Its just a small project on our farm but SimScale makes it possible to really refine the design. We would have just been shooting in the dark without it. Probably get something put up on Hackaday towards the end of the week. Ill send you the link once it is done


Here is a picture of the finished product. A bit of a post is on Hackaday

New photo by Matthew Reimer


Love it @mreimer! :slight_smile:

Will use some of the content for the project spotlight!