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Losing completed simulations results


I’m doing the examples in the SimScale Academy and getting pretty good results so far after some effort, but … how do you save the results? If I close the dashboard, they vanish and I have to start over.

I’m obviously missing something simple here…



Hi @Thinkerer

Can you please share the project link so that I can closely look at this problem. Usually the results(solution field) autosaves as soon as your run finishes but right now I cannot give you the accurate reason behind this problem.



Hi Ani,

Thanks for the help - here is the link:

The simulation ran and gave the expected results, but now when I go looking for it there seems to be no way to re-access the results. I’m new with your product so I’m sure it’s something simple that I’ve missed.

Thanks again



Hi Scott!

I assume that this might be of the Cutting Plane that you have used. Make sure to either remove the cutting plane you have created or move the slider a bit to the left as you have put it to the very right which removes the part (you have chosen the y-plane along with the maximum point). That should solve the problem and you can see your part again :slight_smile:

Let us know if you need any further assistance! Happy continued SimScaling!



When I go back to the model on the dashboard, the meshing is still there but the boundary conditions and results are gone as if it had never been done (I’ll try to upload a screenshot - note that there are several “red” selections). Re-running the model isn’t an issue, but I’m afraid I’m doing something that will lose models’ results in future, or I’m not accessing past work correctly.

Thanks again



Hi Scott!

I assume that’s because you created a new simulation? It keeps the mesh but assumes that you want to create new boundary conditions. If you want to have the exact same setup as in your first case you can duplicate the project and then adapt the boundary conditions.

Does that make sense to you? If anything is not clear or I did not get your point, please feel free to ask in order to remove any doubts.

All the best!



Hi Jousef,

I guess I must have duplicated it then deleted the wrong one.

Again, my concern is losing work in future, not this particular exercise. So, just to clarify: Once you’ve completed a simulation, it’s kept in an available form until it’s expressly deleted?




Hi Scott,

I guess that happened, yes.

Absolutely correct! Let me know if you have any further questions.