'Longneck Bottle' simulation project by cbabua


I created a new simulation project called 'Longneck Bottle':

Simulation of filling a beer bottle

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@cbabua, I like the idea of this project :smile:

Maybe just a few things:

For the mesh, I’d recommend using SnappyHex rather than tetrahedrals.

Also, there is another user (@15244624494) who is working on a similar project; see https://www.simscale.com/projects/15244624494/shuitong


Thanks for the link! I changed my settings and it works longer :smile:

Phase 1 (water) flow


@cbabua - great simulation, good progress! Transient multiphase can be tricky. I’ll take a look later as well to see if I have some hints.


You are right, it is tricky :slight_smile: and it is very computationally intensive :frowning:
I hope you have some hints for a better way