'LMP Sports Car' simulation project by AsadAli


I created a new simulation project called 'LMP Sports Car':

Aerodynamic analysis of basic lmp type sports car

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Hi @AsadAli,

I can’t seem to copy your project, and I have already deleted mine, in anticipation of copying yours!

Please help! :hushed:


Hi, @Tugwell thank for your feedback. Here is the revised link of the project. Now you must be able to copy it. This is a simple mesh setup to give you an idea how you can play with mesh perimeters to get workable mesh. With this mesh you must be able to run simulation, but you can also improve the quality of mesh a bit near the wheels by for example adding extra refinement near wheels. For the simulation, you can look for similar projects from public project library and if you need any further help, do not hesitate to contact.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Thanx a mill :+1: