'Lightsource Assembly' simulation project by cstatz


I created a new simulation project called 'Lightsource Assembly':

Connect lightsource to external structure.

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Hi @cstatz, this is an interesting model. What kind of analysis do you want to work on it? Anything I can help with? Cheers!


How do you create a tet-mesh from stl input? It doesn’t seem to be possible …


Hi @sijia, how do you create a tet-mesh from stl input? It doesn’t seem to be possible …
I’d like to do a static FEA analysis given a fixed load in order to quantify deformation.


Hi @cstatz - you are indeed correct that it is not possible to create a tet-mesh from an STL. This is because an STL does not contain the volume information required for tet-meshing. IGES and STEP files are best for this but it seems that you have already figured this out!


Mesh looks great - let me know if you have any additional questions about the simulation set up


Thanks, everything worked fine so far. But how can I apply forces instead of pressures? It seems to be subjected/limited to nodes?


Hi @cstatz, I’ll direct you to this post in the forum - FEA boundary conditions - Calculix vs CodeAster. There are basically two different solvers that we are using for FEA, so by selecting the “advanced” solver which is Code_Aster you’ll get more functionality and options for setting up the analysis


Thanks! Code-Aster worked. It is indeed a bit confusing to have two solvers with a more-or-less disjunct feature set …