'Lift and Stall Comparison Between Delta and Straight edge wings' simulation project by 1318980


I created a new simulation project called 'Lift and Stall Comparison Between Delta and Straight edge wings':

An experiment to visually demonstrate the difference in lift generation between delta and straight wings, and why the delta wing has a more steady stall.

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Hi Guys,

In the documentation for region refinements it says:
“The region refinement is used to refine the volume mesh for one or more user specified volume regions under geometry primitives or geometry regions.”

I have this model:

I want the volume on the wing tip to be my volume, however it meshes as if it is my boundary. Is there a trick to this? or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

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Darren Lynch


@jousefm can you tag someone who could help me with this? I also need to use for another project.

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Hi @1318980,

Do you mean in terms of simulation or is it about the geometry per se?

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Hi Joesef, it’s about meshing really what I want to do is use a solid geometry to make a region refinement without making a multi-region mesh. so in the above example, I want the funny solid shape to be the region refinement. It gets more complex:

So I can’t really use primitives for this.

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Hi Darren,

tagging @dheiny and @afischer here. Let’s see what we can find out here.




Cheers bud