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Lets see who wants to participate? :)

  • I WILL use and update emoji’s in my topic titles to show my current happiness with the solutions suggested so far.
  • I will NOT use emoji’s in my topic titles.

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Hey Dale!

I think that Emojis should not be used in the title - I would rather use another indicator like 0 or 1 if that’s even necessary. We should encourage users to mark an answer as the solution but that sometimes is not the real solution as I have noticed in several other posts. Keeping an eye on the latest post by the user should do the job and is convenient - in any case I would just ask if the user still has any problems (which I sometimes do).



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I guess we will have to leave this one in the same category as what I think of the forums ‘Vote for New features’ system :wink:

I think @zeinelserfy should use an :frowning: here :wink: