'LES Flow Analysis Around Cylinder' simulation project by Ali_Arafat


I created a new simulation project called 'LES Flow Analysis Around Cylinder':

This project simulates instantaneous turbulent wake of a cylinder body via LES method.

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Validation Project : Flow over cylinder-Large Eddy Simulation

For detailed study please go to " Flow over Cylinder-Large Eddy Simulation documentation".

This project validates the flow of air around a cylinder body at a sub-critical Reynolds number of 3900 via the Large Eddy Simulation method. The complex phenomenon of turbulent wake flow with vortex shedding is simulated with the Smagorinski sub-grid-scale model.The domain extents were 15D (15 times the diameter, D) in the radial direction with a spanwise dimension of approx 3.14D.

The domain was meshed using the Open-source blockMesh tool. The resulting mesh consists of about 1.2 Million nodes and is shown in the figure below.

The simulation analysis the instantaneous velocity profiles in the streamwise and spanwise directions along with the instantaneous vortex sheddings in the wake region. The presented post processing (done locally on Paraview) gives insight into the characteristics of the flow field and the structures in the wake.

Shown below are contours of velocity in the stream and spanwise planes along with the Iso-surfaces of velocity (Lambda2).




For complete details, please see the documentation. ( Link above )


Can we see this simulation (and all simscale projects) as function of time ...so we can see the changes every t ???


Hi @aminotot!

You can have a look at the time frames in the post-processing. However if you want a “movie” of the simulation the offline Paraview version might be the best choice for such a purpose.




let us consider air flowing through a hot body

lets say air is flowing at a speed of 80m/s and inlet temperature is 80 celsius let us assume we know materail as well as shape of body can we find with simsclale what is the out let temperarutere and air speed.