'Leg222' simulation project by pmease


I created a new simulation project called 'Leg222':

leg sim

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Hi @pmease,

I saw that this FEA simulation went smooth for you - what’s the CAD model about? Seems like you’re experienced with FEA?

When I had a look at your project, two things appeared to me: You used a 1st order mesh to run the FEA simulation. Specifically when you’re expecting bending stresses, I’d recommend using a 2nd order mesh that will give you more accurate results. You can simply choose “2nd order” during mesh generation setup:

There is a great project from @BenLewis highlighting how different mesh types impact the results of a stress analysis: https://www.simscale.com/projects/BenLewis/l_simulation_test. This image from the project shows it very nicely:

Secondly I noted that you’re using the “Static analysis” simulation type, that will only give you a limited set of boundary conditions, contact types etc.! Depending on if you need other constraints and load types to model your application more accurately, the Static Analysis - advanced simulation type will give you more control over the simulation setup.

Hope that helps and

all the best,