LEED for Fire Station

Hello there,
My name is Nelson. I’m a Mechanical Design Engineer who is kicking off a new Fire Station project in Florida.
The team and I will design this station based on achieving LEED-Silver credits. Energy models will be performed by a third party, however, I would like to run my own. Is this platform capable of producing qualifying results which can be used along side the 3rd party’s results? Has there been a case study done on a Fire Station for the purpose of LEED credits? Thank you


Hi Nelson!

You could perform a HVAC analysis on our platform, that’s definitely possible. If you have more boundary conditions of your case and think about using SimScale professionally, I would like to forward your request to my colleagues if you like.

A blog post tackling the LEED certification along with HVAC simulations can be found here: Green Building Design: How to Obtain LEED Certification | SimScale

All the best,