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LBM solver - change wind speed

I want to run this simulation with different wind speeds, but I added a profile for the velocity inlet. How do I change the wind speed then ?


Just to make sure, by “different speeds” you mean velocity dependent on the height, or velocity dependent on time?

For the moment, I’m afraid that only the former is possible. If you are interested in the latter, then it would require one run for each velocity of interest.


Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I think I miss understood something. I thought that you change the wind speed in an LBM simulation, but it is the direction that is supposed to be changed.
This is done by rotating the flow domain right ?

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Indeed. For LBM, rotating the geometry would be the best way to achieve that.


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How do i rotate the flow domain and do I have to rotate something else too ?

You can simply rotate the CAD model in your CAD tool, before importing to SimScale.

For most CAD tools, the name of the required operation is “Transform”, in “Rotate” mode.


Can i also rotate the external flow domain?