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LBM simulation

Good morning I am a current post graduation student, my research field is multiscale modeling of fluid flow involved in complex conditions then I use Lattice Boltzmann as solver. If there is any body interested in this technique i would be pleased to exchange data and codes.

Good morning @avaldez! The integration of LB methods into the SimScale platform is definitely on our roadmap, therefore a very interesting comments! With what solvers do you work? Any insights/experience you could share?



Good morning @dheiny, I am actually using BGK implementation to model incompressible LAMINAR viscous flow , can’t reach turbulent flows yet, the used benchmark allowed me to set complex (due to obstacles) conditions. I have got a working version of the code, nevertheless I’m trying to update it, then it is still on development. Last year we achieved one conference publication, you can see it at

In that conference paper, you will see the advantages of Multiscale moling using LBM BGK numerical scheme.

Do not hesitate on contact me, I’m still looking for benchmarks to test my code. Therefore all the possible comparisons are welcome.

Hi, @avaldez
I am doing Lattice Boltzmann Simulation in my Ph.D project. But I am having some problems and I need guidance. Can you please help me?

Hi @jsiddiqui!

This is not a dedicated forum for LBM but we could discuss this privately and I can invite anyone who is familiar with this topic.



Hello there sure, go ahead. I think we can exchange stuff text me

Have a good day.

Hello there could you include me in that LBM group???


Hi @avaldez & @jsiddiqui,

I will include both of you in a private chat. Anyone else who wants to join can contact me :slight_smile: