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Laser Transformation Hardening Of Helical Gear

Hello everyone!
I am trying to create a simulation for laser transformation hardening of helical gear.I need to plot the thermal field at the end and thus estimate the martensite percentage.
Please Help! Here’s the link to the project

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Hi @shubhamshethiya and thank you for reaching out to SimScale!

Have you had a look at the Thermal Analysis of a Laser Beam Welding project by @ahmedhussain18? You can use his approach and estimate the martensite percentage you are looking for by post-processing the thermal distribution across the component using the transient thermal analysis module.

Do you have any formulae for this estimation or are you using specific diagrams (Fe-Fe3C, TTT…) to determine your martensite percentage? Super interesting project by the way! :+1:

If you need help, please let me know!

Happy simulating!