'Laser Hardening of Helical Gear - SimScale' simulation project by ahmedhussain18


I created a new simulation project called 'Laser Hardening of Helical Gear - SimScale':

Laser Hardening of Helical Gear - Original project of @pratikwalimbe

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Original project of @pratikwalimbe

The formula used for the moving layer:

  • P is the power of laser, 8 W in our case.

  • ro is the radius of laser beam, 0.001 m (1 mm) in our case.

  • Due to curved surface of the gear in this case, we have to consider motion in all directions. Therefore, r2 = (x-xo)2+(y-yo)2+(z-zo)2 is the distance of the beam from any point. Here, x, y and z are direction of the global coordinate system respectively. xo, yo and zo are the terms used for defining the motion. In our case,
    xo = Px0+(Px1-Px0).t
    yo = Py0+(Py1-Py0).t
    zo = Pz0+(Pz1-Pz0).t

Where, Px0, Py0 and Pz0 are starting coordinates of the laser beam and Px1, Py1 and Pz1 are ending coordinates.

To get an idea, these points can be found under Geometry Primitives of the simulation.


Can I do this on the curved surface of the cylinder? How can I modify the coordinates?


May be this can help: https://www.simscale.com/projects/ahmedhussain18/circular_welding_analysis/


I want a helical motion on the outside. So it has to move along the axis of the cylinder as well as a circular motion. So I need to use cylindrical coordinate system.


Would be great if you could follow this discussion and provide your expertise.