'Laminar Flow Through a Pipe' simulation project by btoase


I created a new simulation project called 'Laminar Flow Through a Pipe':

In this exercise, you will complete a laminar pipe flow analysis

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The mesh can be improved. There is a volume within the main pipe, downstream of inlet 2, that has a high velocity gradient. However the mesh size is large at this location due to the automatic meshing process. See the post-processor screen shot Fine (U - cell data).

(I've had some difficulty pasting this image into the comments - its tiny!. Any tips would be welcome).

My next step would be to manually generate the mesh with a mesh refinement region. And then carry out a further mesh convergence exercise.


Now I can see that when I generate the comment, any imported images are thumbnails, but when I submit the comment, the full size image is provided. Happy days!