'JSL_Frame' simulation project by Pad


I created a new simulation project called 'JSL_Frame':

the frame for the testing rig, and this is the fea to see if it's going to flex too much

More of my public projects can be found here.


Hey @Pad, if you can let me know more about the application you want to test out here in the project, we are glad to help fixing the simulation. Cheers!


Hey @Pad, awesome geometry. This can translate into an attractive project. However, I see that you tried to mesh the geometry but the operation failed. The reason is as follows:

  1. The uploaded geometry in containing shells only. This can be seen in the screen shot below:

  1. Currently, SimScale platform provides the functionality to mesh only volumes i.e. solids. We cannot mesh shells. This is the error that the event log displays: 'No volumes found …'


  1. You can get free CADmodel for your project from [GrabCAD] (https://grabcad.com/). It has large free CAD database where many different models can be found.

  2. To build your own CAD, you can make a free account on Onshape which is also an online CAD modeling tool like SimScale. Make sure you save solid volumes and not shells.

  3. Once you have decided to work on one of the model, try to simplify it as much as possible by removing small details from it. Next upload the model by clicking Upload CAD/mesh on left top corner of your workspace or directly import it from Onshape by clicking Import.

  4. Once your model is uploaded to the platform, start with a Automatic tetrahedral mesh with default settings by clicking Mesh geometry.

If you require any help, I will be happy to assist.