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Jet Fan Thrust and Fire Heat Release Rate

Dear Friends,

Can someone please explain how to define Jet Fans thrust in the car park fire simulation and also how to specify the Fire size in MW in case of fire.

Thanks in Advance

Hi @cfdengineer44

If you are trying to simulate a combustion process, then it’s not possible on the current platform. Combustion process uses a lot of things like species transport equations/data, chemical kinetics file, which you must be familiar of, and these data cannot be fed in any of the present simulation types that Simscale offers. If you want to see this feature to be added in the simscale platform then you can make a request here-


But in 2018 I was told that in the beginning of 2019 the Fire feature will be added using fds platform.


Hi @cfdengineer44

You can simulate the flow of smoke through the parking area by Passive scalar transport analysis but current platform doesn’t allow you to simulate any combustion process/ Reaction flows. That’s why I asked you, whether you want to simulate combustion process to look at the flow of the different species generated after combustion or you just want to simulate the flow of smoke in the car fire park situation.
You can take a look at this project if you intend to simulate a similar situation-