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It shows 'loading' but model do not appear

I copied a tutorial for ‘server room cooling’ but I am unable to edit the project. I can edit the parameters of the simulation but I never see the model so I cannot edit it. It just shows ‘loading’, even after more than 8 hours.

Hi @virtualpaul!

Have you checked your internet connection? For me everything works smoothly.



For sure my internet works well, I am using it right now!
I just downloaded the geometry and it took a few seconds.
I tried with Firefox and Chrome and I am getting the same result.

No idea

Hi @virtualpaul!

Sorry for the lost productivity so far. Does the issue persist on your side? I asked the engineers and everything seems to be at a normal state. You can also share your project with me and I can measure how long the loading needs to assure you that there is nothing wrong. @Get_Barried, @DaleKramer & @Retsam - do you have any issues at the moment?



I had something similar few weeks ago: I have to clean Chrome ‘cache’, which was reaching 256 Mb, restarting Chrome (before restarting I checked that all Chrome instances were gone in Task Manager).

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Hi everyone,

I just run Firefox with no plugins instead of chrome. Seems to work better for me. Internet connection is also a big deal. For reference I have a 1 gbps fiber connection.



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