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Is there a problem with the viewer in simscale?

Is there a problem with the viewer in simscale ?
My mouse cursor will not select any faces unless it off the face . ie I have to move my mouse around away from my mesh before it highlights anything. also I usually select all the box faces and then hide selection, then select all and create a set for the model. but now when I try this it selects everything even the box that is not visible ?

Thanks in advance

Hi @gcanfield,

Be sure to have the proper selection filter and been using one of the compatible web browsers, also you can select from the Scene tree if needed:


if @mlarreta’s hints are not fixing the issue, could you post your browser and operating system version? I’ll open up an issue.




It seems to be a problem with firefox. I have tried reinstalling it but I still have the same problems.
I have been using it for months with no problem so do not know whats happened there.
I have found It works fine with google chrome though so I will have to use that for now.

Thanks for you suggestions


I do not no what has happened but now it is doing the same in Google chrome?

operating system windows 10 latest version.
Any ideas?

Update problem solved .
I have a 4k monitor so I have the text and icons set to 150 percent of size.
It was this magnification causing the problem just in the viewer. I have had to reduce the resolution and set the icon size to 100 percent and now it works fine. I do not know why I have had to do this now as it has always worked ok in the past but a least I can use it now.

Thanks for your help.


Hello @gcanfield,

thank you for reporting your issue. Your last comment is very helpful. I can reproduce the behavior that you described by changing the zoom level in the browser. Our developers will look into this.

Best Alex


I also have this issue, it seems to only be recent. I use a retina macbook pro.

Kind regards,
Darren Lynch

Hello Darren (@1318980) and @gcanfield,

we applied a fix for this issue. Could you please confirm if the selection works fine for you as well again.

Thank you and best



Hi @afischer, all is good now cheers!

Kind regards,

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Great, thanks for the update!

Hi @afischer,
Yes all is good now thank you.