Is it possible to download a step-geometry after being modified in CAD Mode?

is it possible to download a step-geometry after being modified in CAD Mode?

what I do: I open the geometry with CAD Mode, I edit it, then I save it with the button “Export” at top right. I get returned from CAD Mode to the workbench. Under GEOMETRIES a new geometry entity with the automatic given name “Copy of …” is placed. At right of the entity I find an option “Download”. Downloading the geometry as .step-file and opening it with another software I see that it is the original geometry, without the modifications done in CAD Mode.

It seems that in the workbench the geometry is modified (as done in CAD Mode) and these modifications are taken into account throughout the workbench, i.e. one can get the mesh corresponding to the modified geometry of course. But when exporting into a .step-file the modifications are “undone” before

  1. Can somebody please explain this?
  2. and is there a way to export the modified geometry?, or are the modifications only valid in the isle of simscale workbench?

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Hello Johannes! Thank you for posting your question on the Forum. It’s only possible to download the original state of geometries in the platform. You can see that capabilities of Download feature are explained here in this page.

Please be aware that the CAD mode in SimScale is not intended for major CAD operations. It should only be considered as a tool for clean-up operations in order to have better mesh quality hence better convergency, and to save resources in the simulation phase. Other necessary CAD operations that can not be performed in the CAD mode or in the platform should be completed in users’ own CAD tool.

Hope this helps.

Kaany, thank you very much for your valuable help and the hint to the doc of simscale. I m very impressed how excellent the simscale platform is organized, and in my opinion you and your collegues do a very good job!


Hello Johannes. We’re really happy to hear that you are enjoying our platform! I’d also like to thank you for your valuable contribution to our Forum, and suggestions on the product.

hello, understood that CAD mode does not allow exporting the modifications. Then, is there a possibility to just share a geometry modified inside Simscale from a project to another one ? Both projects belonging to the same user I mean, I did not find a way.
(or equivalently to export a mesh directly and use it in another project ?)

Hello jlecoz,

the process of sharing a modified CAD is only possible is you want to set up a new simulation. You can create a copy that will include all your modified CAD and remove the existing simulation project to start new from scratch.

In regarding mesh download. You would need to start a run and download the results which include the mesh.
Then you can upload the mesh as explained here:

Best regards