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Intercooler heat transfer analysis

Project name: intercooler analysis ( conjugate heat analysis 1st simulation )
The project is about the heat transfer in intercooler.
Input parameters: inlet velocity- 28m/sec inlet temperature - 87 deg C
the ambient temperature is 30 deg C ( the solid body and fins were allotted material as aluminum with temperature as 30 deg C)
the active fluid is air

I have modeled fins in the intercooler as per design, but while meshing i face the problem of too many elements in the mesh created, due to the fins. Is there any other way where i can get the results without using the fins as such ?




One straightforward way to cut the mesh size by half is by simulating only half of the model and applying a symmetry condition to the symmetry planes (e.g. like in this tutorial).

But still, the model is quite complex. There needs to be some compromise between mesh fineness and accuracy, otherwise you won’t be able to run this with a community account.

I’d try starting off with a coarse mesh using half of the model and go from there.


Thanks for the help