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Integrated circuits Conjugated Heat Transfer


Hi everyone !! I’m working on a project which aim is doing a thermal simulation of a PCB circuit with 3 integrated circuits that disipate power.

I have followed the steps of the ‘conjugate heat simulation step by step’ tutorial.

But I get the following error:

In the event log I don’t have information about the error Captura


Hi @ibalaguer!

Currently on my way home, will take a look at your project later on - feel free to jump in in the meantime @Get_Barried & @vgon_alves.




Thank you very much. The link of the public project is here:


Hi @ibalaguer!

Can you make sure not to use a double-layer wall for your geometry and put your electronics devices directly on top of the bottom face? Also note that the faces have to touch!

By the way: If you do not want to put the electronics device to the bottom, is there a reason why you elevated them? Are the components also elevated when embedded into the whole system you are investigating?




I have changed the model. I don’t know why it doesn’t run the simulation…

This is the proyect.

Best regards


Hi @ibalaguer!

There are still issues with the geometry. As can be seen in the log:

Also please read this page for more information regarding CAD preparation: CAD Preparation CHT. A project that gives you a good idea of how a project for CHT analysis should be set up can be found here:

PCB - CHT Analysis