'Instruments A08M-SDXCR 2' simulation project by Edzmunds


I created a new simulation project called 'Instruments A08M-SDXCR 2':

Instruments A08M-SDXCR 2

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Hello @Edzmunds,
nice model! What are you trying to simulate and optimize?

I quickly checked on your mesh setup as I saw it did not work on the first try. There is a super small face that I assume was somehow added during the design in your CAD tool that should probably not be split off. This very small face now causes a problem for the meshing algorithm that tries to resolve this very small detail. You can see this from the event log where the respective face is mentioned.

The easiest way to continue would be probably to clean up the model in your CAD tool via some repair tool e.g. “Remove small faces” or similar.
Best Alex