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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if you would be willing to share your experience using SimScale with other engineering professionals, hobbyists or students, who are currently looking for a simulation solution?

SimScale is on G2 Crowd and Capterra review sites, and it would be great if you could share your personal review of SimScale on these sites.

Thanks in advance for your contribution :slight_smile:


Agata (the star-catcher)


I liked the
star-catcher. I’m a newbie and having lots of problem trying to run one simple
like simulation. I’ll get there.:computer:

Hi kelrocha,

What type of simulation are you trying to run? I clicked at your profile and it looks like you started working on an HVAC project, is it correct? I think in that case @AsadAli might be able to help you out. Just let him know where you are experiencing problems.

Yes, it is. I sent him a message, thx!