Initial and boundary conditions for tilting slag ladle?

Apologies for what I know is a very basic question—but one for which my intuition isn’t helping much (yet).

I’m nibbling at SimScale examples and documentation, but it may take a while before I can figure this out for myself.

I have a model of a ladle (essentially a pot or a cup with open top) which is to contain a volume of liquid. The ladle is part of a multibody mechanism which, when actuated, causes it to tilt and liquid metal to pour out.

Question 0:
My goal is to simulate the motion of the liquid in the ladle as it tilts (preferably pouring out of the ladle if it crosses over the open top, but OK if not). Is the Incompressible Fluid analysis mode right for this purpose?

Question 1:
I already modeled and simulated the multibody mechanism (outside of SimScale) and have a time series with the ladle rotation angles for various points in time. I’d like to use these to control the motion of the ladle in SimScale. Should I use a momentum source?

Question 2:
For my boundary conditions, it seems natural to apply a Wall boundary condition where the fluid meets the wall of the ladle. For the open top, I’ve tried a few options, but sadly can only show my ignorance here.

Should I treat the upper surface of the liquid as an inlet/outlet? If there is no liquid flow across the top, would it make more sense to use something like a Slip boundary condition instead (under the Custom option)?

Question 3:
I would like a dynamic view of the liquid motion in the ladle, without necessarily relying on velocity vectors or field color maps. I’ve tried the particle tracers, but haven’t gotten them to fill the ladle—though, to be frank, I don’t know if it makes sense to fill the ladle with particles to then visualize their swirling motions over time. I’ve seen examples that seem to do this, but maybe they relied on something else.

Are particles right for my purposes, and, if so, am I limited to only a small stream of particles (as opposed to a sizeable volume to fill the ladle)?

Sorry for the rambling post! Hoping that in a few weeks my questions will be better informed. For now… very new to SimScale and with just enough time to tinker with it on the side. Thanks!


Hi Tony (@tsoares)!

To be honest, the best thing would be if you could upload your geometry or share a case with us if you have one prepared already so that we can have a look at it :slight_smile: Makes it easier to grasp your concepts and answer your questions properly.



I present to the world… my masterpiece :smiley: