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'IndoorWindTest01' simulation project by anigam


I created a new simulation project called 'IndoorWindTest01':

Indoor Wind Simulation for Cacao Dryer

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Hi @anigam!

Can you give me more details about your project? Looks interesting! And are you satisfied with the results?

All the best!



Hello Jousef,

Sorry for the late reply. On this I'm trying to simulate interior wind inside a greenhouse for a cacao dryer. I'm still trying to figure out cfd so I dont think the values are correct because I was working with random data. Inspite of that, I am quite satisfied as it conveys a lot of information in terms of the overall profiles.

I'm gonna try it again with updated geometry to see what I can get out of that.



Hi Ami (@anigam)!

Sounds like a fun project! Please let the PowerUsers and me know if you need help!

All the best and happy Simscaling!



Thank you jousef,
I did actually want to add temperature to this. Basically, the greenhouse doesn’t behave like one, high temperature adding buoyancy to the air inlet. Also, can I add a humidity variable to this? Because one of the things I’m trying to do is change the roof to keep hot but not humid air inside.


No worries!

Interesting approach. Adding something like a phase change is not yet possible on our platform but what you can do is to work with a convective heat transfer analysis in order to take density changes into account. What you can do is to use the Boussinesq approximation. This approximation works for incompressible fluids, and for gases if temperature differences are small.

For more tips I am tagging my fellow colleagues (@PowerUsers_CFD) here to give you more tips if needed.

All the best!