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Inconsistent surface mesh

Hello everyone !

I am trying to mesh my model using the Tet-dominant mesher without the quadrangle option or anything else and I am having an error in the middle of the process, here is the Event log :

I don’t understand what is happening because I managed to mesh my precedent model who was the same without the fillets that I added on this version and it’s still a pretty basic model.

Here is the project link:

Thanks for the help,



Hi @tbruneton,

I just briefly looked into it - indeed, it’s not easy to see what’s going wrong here. I filed an issue for the pre-processing team to take a look.

I’ll get back to you once a solution is found.

BTW: What type of analysis are you planning to do?



Hello @tbruneton,

I had a quick look at your setup. The problem is caused by the geometry model being very, very small: bounding box length < 1 mm. Thus the smallest edges are in a range of micrometers. Is that actually intended?

Scaling the model (e.g. factor 1000) resulted in a working mesh:

Please note that on SimScale SI units are used, so your model size is taken as meters.

Best Alex